About Us

The name Red Horse Motorsports may be new to the diesel game, but the knowledge and people behind it are some of the best known and trusted in the industry. The team at Red Horse Motorsports has personal relationships with and work with some of the most well-known, respected companies in aftermarket diesel parts and service. We've been specializing in the diesel transmission business since 2010. As we say around here, diesel fuel is in our blood.

Dallas Penn is a recognized figure in the transmission and torque converter crowd and earned his reputation as an employee of SunCoast Converters for 7 years. Dallas and his family recently sold SunCoast Converters, Inc. but retained their passion for diesel upgrades and innovation.

In 2016, Dallas and his team brought their expertise and drive to Red Horse Motorsports. We specialize in the Dodge/Ram 68RFE and Ford 5R110 and 6R140 transmission upgrades. Customers from all over Texas and surrounding states bring their rigs to this Denton shop for transmission repair and upgrade services, performance packages, and custom builds.

What We’ll Deliver

  • Are you in Texas or close enough to bring your rig in? Set an appointment and the Red Horse Motorsports expert team can rebuild or upgrade your truck’s transmission or boost the output with one of our stellar performance packages.
  • Are you shopping online for parts the pros use for custom builds? You came to the right place.
  • If you’re looking for a high horsepower transmission upgrade for your Ford, Dodge, or Chevy, that perfect wheel and tire set-up, or the best tunes for your rig, we’ve got you covered, by the best in the industry.

What’s In A Name?

When Dallas and his dad, Joe, were choosing a name for this new business, they landed on Red Horse Motorsports for two reasons:

  • In the diesel industry, heavy duty engineering, repair, and construction of drive trains is crucial. The RED HORSE units (Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer) of the United States Air Force deliver high standards, quality construction, and attention to detail on every job they do. The same ideals and high standards are utilized here at Red Horse Motorsports.
  • The Red Horse name is also a tip of the hat to the iconic “Red Horse” from the early 1900s in downtown Dallas, TX.