• We're experts in diesel transmissions and performance - it's all we do, and it's all we've been doing since 2010.
  • We specialize in late model 6 speed automatic transmissions (2008 and up)
  • We know performance and we offer excellent pricing - call now for a quote.
"Can't say enough about Dallas and his guys! They stayed late and postponed their trip to UCC this year to make sure I had my truck before heading out of town myself! Highly recommend Red Horse, and I'll definitely be back for more! Thanks again guys!" David Stout, Facebook Review

How We Do Business

Every transmission problem is a little different: What works for a high horsepower competition truck doesn't always make sense for a truck that's mostly pulling an RV. Our rebuild recommendation is based on what your truck needs, not what we want to sell:

  • When did you first start noticing transmission problems?
  • What are you typically towing and hauling?
  • How often are you towing at high altitude?
  • What upgrades or power enhancements have you made to your engine?
  • What upgrades are you planning to make to your truck in the future?

We want to repair/rebuild your transmission the right way and at the best price. Give us a call at for a quote.